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Past Incidents

Tuesday 15th October 2019

No incidents reported

Monday 14th October 2019

Managed Server Version 6: Docker Update, scheduled 13 hours ago

We will update Docker to the latest version 19.03.3. Please make sure your containers are starting automatically, as we have to restart the Docker daemon to complete this update.

Start maintenance window: 14/10/2019 23:00 CEST
Stop maintenance window: 15/10/2019 02:00 CEST

Update Discourse 2.3.5, scheduled 1 day ago

We will update Discourse to version 2.3.5.

Due to the inplace upgrade feature of Discourse, no downtime will be required.

Start maintenance window: 14/10/2019 11:00 CEST
Stop maintenance window: 14/10/2019 12:00 CEST

Sunday 13th October 2019

No incidents reported

Saturday 12th October 2019

No incidents reported

Friday 11th October 2019

No incidents reported

Thursday 10th October 2019

Update Nextcloud 16.0.5, scheduled 5 days ago

In the next 24h all Nextcloud installations will be updated to the latest minor release.

The roughly 100 changes for Nextcloud 16.0.5 are quite minor, with over half being updates to shipped libraries. The rest fixes a wide variety of small issues. For example, the audit log now also covers email shares, it is now possible to have hidden SMB shares (those ending with $), a fix for color contrast, a name change of our current text editor to Pain text editor to avoid confusion with our new Text app and more.


Wednesday 9th October 2019

No incidents reported