Ops One AG platform status and maintenance announcements. Times are indicated in local Swiss time. http://opsone.ch/.
All systems are operational
Scheduled Maintenance
Update Elasticsearch 7.13.2

We will update Elasticsearch to version 7.13.2.

Start maintenance window: 21/06/2021 23:00
Stop maintenance window: 22/06/2021 02:00

.CH/.LI: Maintenance

SWITCH, the registry for .ch/.li domains, performs maintenance work on the EPP API.

Domain actions (registrations, modifications, transfers) are not possible during this downtime.

Start maintenance window: 08/07/2021 05:00 CEST
Stop maintenance window: 08/07/2021 05:30 CEST

Past Incidents

Friday 18th June 2021

No incidents reported

Thursday 17th June 2021

TLS/SSH Diffie-Hellman group updated, scheduled 13 hours ago

In course of our half-yearly security checks, we updated the globally used Diffie-Hellman group to a new set for TLS and SSH.

Wednesday 16th June 2021

No incidents reported

Tuesday 15th June 2021

No incidents reported

Monday 14th June 2021

Update Discourse 2.7.4, scheduled 3 days ago

We will update Discourse to version v2.7.4

Start maintenance window: 14/06/2021 23:00
Stop maintenance window: 15/06/2021 02:00

Sunday 13th June 2021

No incidents reported

Saturday 12th June 2021

No incidents reported