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Monday 20th December 2021

Migration Recursive DNS Server, scheduled 7 months ago

We will migrate our recursive DNS server to a recent version on a new server.

  • The DNS servers on all managed servers are changed by us
  • If you have manually set our DNS servers (e.g. in nginx, docker), you will have to change them manually
  • We will run the old DNS server for a few more days and inform affected people if we still se traffic

Old DNS-Server:

  • 2a04:503:0:1008::109
  • 2a04:503:0:1014::68

New DNS-Server:

  • 2a04:503:0:1008::98
  • 2a04:503:0:1014::69

This change only affects recursive DNS resolution. Our authoritative DNS servers (name servers) used for domains are not affected.

Start maintenance window: 03/01/2022 09:00
Stop maintenance window: 03/01/2022 18:00