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Monday 3rd September 2018

Managed Server Version 5: move global security settings into dedicated configuration file

To deny access to certain private files and directories like .git, we used some custom locations defined on each website. Those locations where defined directly within the vhost configuration, but after the custom configuration include to allow overrides for certain setups.

Due to the predefined nginx location block selection order, it is possible to override our security locations by mistake, especially when defining a own location for everything (like location ~* ^/), which will disable processing of any following regex locations used in our security configuration.

To avoid misconfigurations leading to open access to private files, we took the following precautions:

  • security locations moved into their own file /etc/nginx/custom/security.conf, which can be included in custom locations as well
  • warning to the corresponding documentation
  • automatic check to find custom locations without included security configuration
  • automatic check to scan for secret files over HTTP

Please include the new security configuration within affected locations like described within our updated documentation. Additionally, we will contact all customer with affected configurations over the next few days.

Closes #386