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Tuesday 12th September 2023

Cockpit: Version 3.11.0
  • #873 [TASK] prepare 3.11.0 release
  • #879 [TASK] create website: adjust naming pattern to prevent duplicate declarated redirect websites
  • #885 [TASK] website details v9: replace preset with types
  • #886 [TASK] website details v9: remove proxy and redirect types which are covered by html now
  • #887 [TASK] enable managed server v9 release candidate
  • #888 [TASK] adjust release workflow template to align future releases with internal sprints
  • #889 [TASK] terraform: explicitly set storage container UUID
  • #891 [TASK] customer users: clarify warning and error message when adding non existing user
  • #894 [TASK] website details v9: add on-request PHP versions to PHP version selector
  • #896 [TASK] CI configuration: define resource groups to prevent duplicate simultaneous deployments
  • #890 [FEATURE] managed server version 9: add option to fully sponsor a server despite its hardware and management costs and discounts
  • #868 [FEATURE] website details v9: adjust settings according to selected type
  • #876 [BUGFIX] DNS zone details: do not raise serial locally anymor
  • #895 [BUGFIX] adjust the Meteor version pin, which was not honored anymore

Reference: #873