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Wednesday 9th January 2019

Mailserver Update, scheduled 1 year ago

We perform software updates on our mail servers. We expect a downtime of ~5 minutes.

Start maintenance window: 15/01/2019 00:00
Stop maintenance window: 15/01/2019 01:30

New features / Changes:

  • [Web] Apple mobileconfig enhancements
  • [ClamAV] Include signatures from Sanesecurity
  • [SOGo] Fix Reminder Mails
  • [Web] Various minor fixes
  • [Web] Update languages (cs, en)
  • [Compose] Update to Redis 5
  • [Compose] New images for ClamAV, Watchdog, SOGo, Postfix and PHP-FPM
  • [PHP-FPM] Update PHP and libs