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Wednesday 23rd January 2019

Managed Server Version 6: TYPO3 v9.5.4 LTS, v8.7.24 and v7.6.33 ELTS security releases

The global TYPO3 core was updated to the new upstream versions 9.5.4, 8.7.24 (LTS) and 7.6.33 (ELTS, please contact us to request a quote)

For details, please see the official announcements:

  • https://typo3.org/article/typo3-954-and-8723-security-releases-published/
  • https://typo3.org/article/typo3-v8724-lts-released/

Warning: Some security fixes can be considered as breaking changes in order to apply strong security defaults. Please read the security bulletins carefully - manual adjustments concerning backward compatibility are described there as well.

Closes #506