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Tuesday 5th February 2019

New Cockpit Version: Version 1.2.0
  • Enhancement: Admin can set a soft credit limit per customer
  • Feature: V6 servers have now a Docker website type
  • Enhancement: Default DNS TTL is now 1h instead of 24h
  • Bugfix: DNS zone checker failed when the response was empty
  • Bugfix: The MAC address generator, generated sometimes invalid addresses
  • Enhancement: V6 server is now the default when creating a new server
  • Enhancement: When creating a new server, the according image is automatically cloned on the selected Nutanix Cluster
  • Bugfix: Hiera data was invalid after removing all SSH keys from a server or website
  • Bugfix: Changing DNS entries and setting some tags at the same time resulted in only saving the tags
  • Enhancement: Display the full change in the log entries
  • Enhancement: Display server costs when changing the server resources on existing servers
  • Feature: Every branch builds a Docker image and runs it under a stage like environment
  • Enhancement: It should now be more clear if a domain contact is private person or a company. A company contact can not become a private contact
  • Feature: Added some help tooltips for editing a website