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Monday 18th March 2019

Managed Server Version 6: allow outgoing connections to common services by default, scheduled 1 year ago

By now, all outgoing connections where disabled on any server. To connect to the outside world, you had to use our central proxy server for HTTP connections or add appropriate firewall rules manually to allow any other connection. As this configuration requires a deep understanding of networking technologies, it has led to frequent problems due to missing or wrong settings.

As of now, we will therefore enable direct outgoing connections to the following services by default:

  • HTTP(S): TCP Ports 80, 443
  • SMTP(S): TCP Ports 25, 587, 465
  • POP3(S): TCP Ports 110, 995
  • IMAP(S): TCP Ports 143, 993

This rules apply to generation 6 servers only and will cover most outgoing services required out of the box. For any other outgoing connection required, you still have to add manual rules as described in our documentation.

Related to this change, we also updated the corresponding documentation to reflect those new default settings.

Hint: This change might not apply to your company if you or your supervisor decided to keep the old behavior in place. If in doubt, please ask internally or contact us directly for more information.

Reference #527