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Tuesday 10th December 2019

Cockpit: Version 2.0.2
  • #384 [TASK] temporary remove invoice listing to prepare a internal migration. While we're at it, please contact us for any inquiries and we'll provide you the desired invoices manually
  • #390 [TASK] add script to check domain billing records
  • #406 [TASK] cleanup disabled Nutanix API calls which where replaced by Terraform
  • #408 [TASK] switch default location for new servers to es01
  • #410 [TASK] set customer contact details to read-only for a upcoming internal data migration. Please contact us until further notice to change contact details
  • #416 [TASK] add script to export domains per customer
  • #418 [TASK] adjust domain pricing calculation
  • #409 [FEATURE] transfer elements modal: display warning in server transfer mode
  • #414 [FEATURE] export provider and location into new variables for Hiera usage
  • #405 [BUGFIX] server status error details should be should be visible in errors state only
  • #407 [BUGFIX] do not take provisioning status into account on on premise servers
  • #415 [BUGFIX] correct overlay in domain transfer new contact modal