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Wednesday 11th December 2019

Mailserver Update, scheduled 6 months ago

We perform software updates on our mail servers. We expect a downtime of ~5 minutes.

Start maintenance window: 16/12/2019 23:00 MEZ
Stop maintenance window: 17/12/2019 01:00 MEZ

New features / Changes:

  • [MySQL] MySQL Memory Tuning
  • [Rspamd] New Version
  • [Rspamd] Better Brute Force protection
  • [Mailcow] oAuth support has been added (experimental)
  • [Mailcow] It is now possible to download emails in .eml format from Quarantine
  • [Mailcow] API docs are available via /api
  • [Dovecot] TLS 1.3 Support
  • [Docker] More images are now based on Debian Buster