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Tuesday 14th July 2020

Cockpit: Version 2.2.3
  • #513 [TASK] Server networking: clarify additional interface creation
  • #531 [TASK] Update Terraform and Nutanix Provider Plugin
  • #384 [FEATURE] Customer invoices: re-enable invoice list directy fetched from our new accounting system
  • #517 [FEATURE] Server methods: add log output to gain more insights into Puppet runs
  • #519 [FEATURE] Server list: display end of life date beside version
  • #529 [FEATURE] Server methods: flag to temporarily disable Puppet run for development
  • #515 [BUGFIX] Pricing helper: fix calculation for on premise on call'
  • #516 [BUGFIX] Breadcrumb: remove leftover debug output
  • #520 [BUGFIX] Website form: prohibit "varnish" as website name to prevent conflicting user names

Reference: #527