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Thursday 14th October 2021

Managed Server Version 7: Debian 10 Update (10.11), scheduled 1 month ago

As mentioned in an earlier status entry we will install all remaining Debian 10.11 updates in our maintenance window. Amongst others, the following packets are affected:

  • linux-image-amd64/oldstable 4.19+105+deb10u13 amd64 [upgradable from: 4.19+105+deb10u12]
  • mariadb-server-10.3/oldstable 1:10.3.31-0+deb10u1 amd64 [upgradable from: 1:10.3.29-0+deb10u1]
  • postgresql-11/oldstable 11.13-0+deb10u1 amd64 [upgradable from: 11.12-0+deb10u1]
  • proftpd-basic/oldstable 1.3.6-4+deb10u6 amd64 [upgradable from: 1.3.6-4+deb10u5]

All servers are restarted once to ensure that the new Linux kernel is active. For details and a list of all packages, please see the Debian news.

Start maintenance window: 18/10/2021 23:00 CEST
Stop maintenance window: 19/10/2021 02:00 CEST