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Tuesday 16th November 2021

DDoS Attack

Due to a DDoS attack our network was difficult to reach between 10:42 and 10:46. Currently everything is working again, we are constantly monitoring.

16.11.2021 13:57
Another DDoS attack is ongoing right now, we are investigating right now.

16.11.2021 14:01
We identified the DDoS attack

16.11.2021 14:05
We have implemented countermeasures against the DDoS attack, which solved the problem, but we continue to monitor it.

16.11.2021 14:20
Our monitoring showed that the problem was not completely resolved, we have implemented further measures against the DDoS attack and continue to monitor the situation.

17.11.2021 10:30
Currently everything still works, we will continue to monitor this.